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“I had some serious problems with my front teeth after having suffered from a bicycle accident in my youth. One of my front teeth was completely dead and had turned color the other was chipped badly, the two teeth beside my front teeth were uneven. Dr. Ters made my smile look like a million dollars! Not only did he do excellent work, it was priced reasonably and I was treated with great respect and care by his entire staff. I can recommend his practice highly.”

– Mikel Cawthon

I have been a patient of Dr.Ters for about 17 years. He is an outstanding dentist with a lot of experience in the US and in Europe. Last year he has suggested that he would like to perform Teeth Equilibration Procedure for several reasons that he explained to me. First, I was very hesitant because I didn’t know anything about this procedure, but right after the first session my jaw felt so much relaxed, the popping disappeared and most importantly, my chronic headaches where gone. I had no idea that this was all related to my improper jaw alignment. I’m very grateful to Dr.Ters that he has solved this problem for me. I would recommend this procedure to everybody who has similar problems. It is pain free and it really works. We need more dentists that do care about their patients like Dr.Ters.

– Alexandra Janson, RN
Littleton, CO

"the proceedure" helped me align my teeth. After having it done my jaw stopped popping every time I ate and the chronic headaches I had up until that time went away.

– Jennifer Leonesio

For several years, I saw various dentists for my TMJ. All they would ever do was fit me with a mouth guard to protect my teeth from grinding at night. Eventually, I would grind them down and need to go back for a new one. After talking this over with my Aunt one day, she referred me to Dr. Ters. Dr. Ters recommended the Teeth Equilibration Procedure. This procedure actually fixed the problem instead of just trying to minimize the symptoms. After Dr. Ters realigned my bite, I felt a significant difference right away. The mouthpiece that he fitted me with and the adjustments that followed were actually able to correct my TMJ once and for all. Now that the procedure is complete, I don't need to use a mouthpiece anymore. I no longer have headaches, jaw or upper neck pain, popping and clicking sounds when eating or yawning and I sleep much better at night because I no longer grind my teeth! The process was simple and worth absolutely every penny. My bite feels so balanced that I feel like a different person. I recommend Dr. Ters and the Teeth Equilibration Procedure to anyone with TMJ problems.Jenna Z.Windows Live™ Hotmail®: Chat. Store. Share. Do more with mail. Check it out.

– Jenna Z.